Firewood in Michigan

There are few heat sources more potent and more intense than a natural wood fire. That’s why wood-burning stoves are still a favorite heat source for residences and commercial spaces in cooler locales, especially in South Branch and Detroit, MI.

Whether you operate a local establishment or are simply looking for a way to keep your home as cozy as possible through the winter, wood-burning fires may be right for you. Johncock Forestry Products sells several different types of firewood perfectly suited to meet your needs; in fact, our natural, locally sourced products are ideal for both commercial and residential use!

Firewood for Sale

Firewood availability may fluctuate seasonally. Be sure to ask about our current stock of firewood, and ask about the wood types that we’re selling at the moment. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our delivery services, as well!

We’re a longstanding firewood supplier in Michigan, offering a full range of firewood services and sales, including:

  • Commercial & residential needs We sell firewood capable of meeting both commercial and residential needs. As a locally owned and operated sawmill, we’re committed to meeting the needs of our residential customers as well as our small business partners.
  • Logs We sell eight-foot fire logs in Michigan. Our fire logs are perfectly cured and sawed for optimal use; you can depend on them to burn smoothly and evenly.
  • Slab firewood We sell slab firewood.

Purchase Fire Logs and Firewood Cords

It’s never too early or too late to begin stocking up on slab firewood for the fall and winter seasons; call Johncock Forestry Products today at 989-257-4444 to learn about our saw mill’s current stock and inventory of wood for sale, which also includes mulch!

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We are proud to deliver firewood to the following areas:

  • South Branch, MI
  • Ogemaw County, MI
  • Iosco County, MI
  • Oscoda County, MI
  • Alcona County, MI
  • Fairview, MI
  • Barton City, MI
  • Rose City, MI
  • West Branch, MI
  • Standish, MI
  • Long Lake, MI
  • Goodar, MI
  • Lupton, MI
  • Whittemore, MI
  • Prescott, MI
  • Tawas City, MI
  • Mio, MI
  • Glennie, MI
  • Hubbard Lake, MI
  • Spruce, MI
  • Lincoln, MI
  • Detroit, MI
  • Harrisville, MI
  • Greenbush, MI